Dubai’s Digital Designer Creates Emirati NFT’s Collection to Promote Culture


Dubai-based digital designer Beingmirza47 who has worked with top hospitality companies in the region for their design aesthetics has launched an NFT project called ‘CryptoEmirati’The designs of the project are based on an avatar Rashid not to be confused with any famous figure as it is a very common name in the Emirati culture.

The project is currently selling at 0.05 Ethereum and is expected to hit 3-5 Ethereum by the end of this year. GaryVee is one of the renowned influencers worldwide and the owner of Vaynermedia also holds one of the NFTs from the collection.

When we spoke to the owner about the project and the future plans here is what he had to say ‘The project was started because I love the culture of UAE as how it has multiple nationalities and people from different places living, working, and sharing their culture together and that is something which is being embedded into this region thus my collection includes Karak Chai, Donut, Fries while embracing the true culture connection, my future plans include partnering with local chains and all the owners of the CryptoEmirati to get discounts at major outlets in UAE, I will be soon launching a Merch as well that represents the local culture, there is only way forward from this’.

One of the things that we personally like about the NFTs is the background as how it is sunny weather to the beautiful night sky and the downtown in the background. The NFT is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain

To buy the NFT directly you can visit the link on Opensea: