‘I am Enjoying Motherhood more Than my Acting’ says, Rani Mukerji

'I am Enjoying Motherhood more Than my Acting' says, Rani Mukerji

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji reveals that she enjoys motherhood more than acting. The actress who is busy promoting her upcoming movie Hichki shared her sentiments on the occasion of Mother’s day.

“I am enjoying motherhood so much that I am loving it more than my acting.” said Rani.

She is returning to the big screen after four years. Rani wanted to enjoy the motherhood therefore she took a long break from the cinema.

“I really wanted to focus on motherhood. Hence, I chose not to work for a long time. I wanted to take the long maternity leave. I wanted to be with my daughter. I wanted to see her grow.” said the actress.

Rani started shooting for Hichki when her daughter Adira was more than a year old.

“When Hichki came to me, I kind of completely went back to the acting zone. I was offered the movie when my daughter was nine months old. I started shooting the movie when my daughter was fourteen months old. The gap was because I wanted to take the break.”

In the movie Hichki, Rani plays Naina Mathur, a teacher having Tourette syndrome.

Hichki is slated to be released on March 23.

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