Atif Aslam’s Azaan recitation is all Motivation we need right now

Atif Aslam's Azaan recitation is all Motivation we need right now

Anxieties have sparked and taken to new heights ever since the pandemic hit the world, one after the other changes have continued not to disrupt daily life but changed them forever. Muslims especially feel the pain of this situation as congregational prayers across all mosques around the world have been banned.

And in this times of crisis, the faith of many is taking the hit. Many scholars around the world try to spread positivity amidst this lockdown with online lectures and other things and joining the forces to spread the calm, singer and superstar Atif Aslam has posted on his twitter a beautiful recitation of the Azaan on Instagram, with Urdu subtitles.

The call to prayer has been delivered beautifully by the singer who previously has recited hamds and naats like Taj dar-e-haram and Wohi Khuda Hai.

Undoubtedly the Muslim call to prayer is the therapy we need as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take over the world. “Azan recitation by Atif Aslam. A call for help,” the singer simply wrote on his Instagram post with the recitation.

Many fans have become mesmerized by the recitation of azaan by the singer and many have thanked Aslam for this amazing gift that they needed very much right now.

Aslam has been very proactive on social media ever since the lockdown, previously he shared his appreciation for PM Imran Khan’s efforts and later also encouraged people to donate to those who are in need at these difficult times.