Jaden Smith visits Gulfood to bring Eco-Friendly ‘Just Goods’ Products to the UAE


The 20-year-old rockstar Jaden Smith, the son of actor and rapper Will Smith, and also the founder of sustainable North American brand Just Goods, visited the Gulfood exhibition.

After a thrilling performance at Billionaire Mansion in the Taj Dubai, The founder shows up at the Tetra Pak lounge at Gulfood 2019 event in Dubai alongside company CEO Ira Laufer. The duo took part in a number of talks representing his eco-brand Just Water with local stakeholders about a possible collaboration for Just Water in the UAE.

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The father-son duo revealed the launch of the brand Just Water four years ago, where Will formally introduces his son as a partner all the way long. Just Water’ is a 100% pure spring water brand that claims to be eco-friendly and is sold in paper-based bottles with plant-based caps. Other new flavours promoted by Just Water comprises of organic apple cinnamon and organic tangerine which will be sold all over the US.

As soon as he started getting really fascinated by the environment and learned about global warming and it’s effects like greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide were damaging the atmosphere rapidly. Jaden and his family friend, who is an environmentalist and creative director at MIT, Drew Fitzgerald paired up to go down the search of saving the world. This is when the idea of responsibly sourced water stored in a renewable, recyclable container was developed.

In order to save the world from drinking unhygienic water, Jaden and his Just Water team partnered with Glens Falls, New York. The water that is collected in its reservoirs annually from rain and snowfall, is merely used by the city which is half of the three billion gallons. After paying six times more Just Water is able to use a fraction of that. Besides keeping its natural minerals, which include sodium, potassium and magnesium, it is then purified using ozone and light.

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Usually, the bottled waters are processed by using pressure filtration which involves substantial energy and generates solid waste. The trace minerals are added back in at the end of the process. Just like that in the UK, the company takes up water from a spring in Northern Ireland, near Belfast.

Now expanding the brand in Dubai, the source value will be kept the basic principles since initiation of the brand. Most expectedly sales in the UAE would possibly consist of water shipped in from the UK, says the CEO. Just Water would also need to look for appropriate arrangement in place to support recycling the containers.