Traveling Makkah to Madina on Camels is no Longer a Dream


Lets again feel the journey our Holy Prophet (SAW) once did by traveling from Makkah to Madina on camels. Yes, you heard it right it is indeed happening and is part of a plan by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As the development plans are being made and are in the process there are a few desires put forward for the achievement in Saudi Vision 2030.

This whole new vision is to introduce new sources for the Kingdom and reduce its dependency on the oil generating revenue source. The core purpose was to diversify the economic growth of the country and bring development in the public service sectors which include Health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism. It will enhance the increasing non-oil industry trade between Saudi Arabia and other countries through goods and consumer products.

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The Royal Commission for Makkah and the Holy Sites in collaboration with the Ministry of Haj and Umrah is presently finalizing an over-whelming project that will allow pilgrims and visitors also for the citizens and residents of the Kingdom to travel to Madinah on camels. They will be following the route that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had taken during his Hijrah (migration) to Madinah, according to a report in Makkah Arabic daily.

It will not only initiate this project with the travel but also with the facilities that are provided on the journey. The development of 27 points on the Hijra Road consisting of hotels, rest houses, museums, and others are also included in this project.

The travelers will have the chance to experience the same route that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had taken during his migration from Makkah in 622 AD under the titled the Road to Thaniyat Al-Wada, a plateau near Madinah.

The journey will begin from the historic Ghar Thor, the cave on Mount Thor in Makkah where the Prophet and his closest companion Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) hide from the eyes of the enemy. Before they begin to head towards Yathrib, now the famously known as Al-Madinah Al-Munawwara, the enlightened city, after the Prophet settled there. Then the next stop will be at the location of the tent of Umm Maabad, who had hosted the Prophet on his way to Yathrib and where he had milked her sheep.

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The caravan will then proceed on through the location where Suraqa Bin Malik met the Prophet. Following that it will also go through the site where the camel had tumbled down and then took a shortcut pointed out to the Prophet by the Bedouin guide Masoud Al-Aslami. Finally, the journey to Madinah will come to its end when the caravan will stop at Thaniyat Al-Wada.

The ministry stated in its conference that there would be several other alternatives accessible for the pilgrims on Hajj and Umrah Visas, Saudi visitors and as well as Saudi citizens and Saudi expats of the Kingdom to travel to Madinah through the following means:

Some of the other means of transportation will include 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles, Fire Balloons, and Motorbikes as suitable to them, 400 Smart Buses Coming to Saudi Arabia’s Makkah Region in 2020 Travel to Madinah on Camel.