Video: Narins Beauty’s ‘Samri’ Dance Moves at Riyadh Car Show

Narins Beautys Samri Dance Moves at Riyadh Car Show

Recently while scrolling your Instagram, Facebook Feed or YouTube, you must have come across a video of a band playing the very famous “Samri” Saudi folkloric accompanied by some very accurate folkloric dance moves. This remake of the historic gem with a modern twist has taken the social media by storm and people have been guessing of the mysterious girl in the video who is enjoying the performance of the band and joining along for the performance.

Upon digging deep on the internet, it was found out that this was no one other than the famous Syrian YouTuber, Narin, otherwise known as Narin Beauty on her Instagram handle and YouTube channel. Narin has a staggering 3.2 million followers on Instagram and more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube. Known for mainly beauty and lifestyle, Narin creates content for social and entertainment purposes.

Narin shared a snap of her during Riyadh Car Show.

This very viral “Samri” performance was done during the Riyadh Car show, the largest car show in the world.

Watch the glimpse of the performance:


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Can you guess this beauty at the Riyadh Car show. . . . #riyadh #carshow #syriangirl #saudiarabia

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