Petrol Prices in UAE to Increase starting December

Petrol Prices in UAE to Increase starting December

Ever Since the UAE’s Ministry of Energy began setting fuel prices based on average global market prices in 2015, petrol prices have been a victim of fluctuation. In 2019, throughout the year, the fluctuation has been existent. And now again UAE petrol prices are all set to increase in December after a month of reduction in prices.

In December, Super 98 prices will rise to Dhs2.24 per litre from Dhs2.20 in November.
Special 95 price will climb to Dhs2.12 a litre from Dhs2.09 last month. While one litre of Special 95 will cost Dhs2.12, up 1.4 per cent compared to the previous month.

This hike in prices comes following a price cut of three months. This price at Dhs2.38 per litre of diesel will be kept steady throughout December.

So if you are planning to fuel up, now is the time.


  • January: Dhs2
  • February: Dhs1.95
  • March: Dhs2.04
  • April: Dhs2.23
  • May: Dhs2.48
  • June: Dhs2.53
  • July: Dhs2.30
  • August: Dhs2.37
  • September: Dhs2.28
  • October: Dhs2.24
  • November: Dhs2.20
  • December: Dhs2.24
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