Residents should retain bills and receipts to avoid fines in Dubai

Residents should retain bills and receipts to avoid fines in Dubai

Dubai Police has said that civilians must retain valid proof of activities like stepping out for an emergency or for running an allowed errand, like hospital bills and grocery shopping receipts, to be able to get their fines reviewed later.

In order to restricting traffic during disinfection drive between 8pm and 6am, the UAE Ministry of Interior decided to suspend all night movement permits and applications for vehicles.

The ministry urged the public to stay at their homes throughout the time of the national disinfection program and not to go out except to purchase food, medicine or for health necessity or to work for the vital sectors.

Ministry appealed to residents to #StayHome, stressing that the authorities concerned will check for IDs of those found outside during the sterilisation hours.

The Dubai Police on Sunday warned that radars will be used to identify motorists violating movement restrictions throughout the emirate.

Civilians have said that they have received radar flashes since the sterilization program has begun or present proof of why they were outside their homes.

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