Sara Ali Khan Shares A Throwback Video of her Overweight Days

Sara Ali Khan Shares A Throwback Video of her Overweight Days

Sara Ali Khan has quickly become the quirky celebrity that everyone wants to follow. Her followers on Instagram love the witty and entertaining captions, pictures and videos of the Indian Actress which sometimes features her siblings and parents as well.

In the latest edition of her gags, Sara Ali Khan shared a throwback video of herself accompanied by a witty caption of when she was overweight. She said:

Presenting Sara ka Sara Sara 💁🏻‍♀‍

Let’s make ‘light’ of what it was… Let’s also make it lighter than what it was 🤣😂😅

She rendered the video and added the Indian classic song “Sar Jo Tera Chakraye” referring to the conditions of her friends who on the flight were all asleep but Sara could not.

The Bollywood Royalty decided to lose weight when she wanted to make her debut in the entertainment industry, whereas previously she suffered from polycystic ovarian disease and was hence, overweight.

Her fans loved this post from Sara Ali Khan as they commented that it takes a lot of courage to share such a video in a world where outward beauty is everything. Others just loved the video because of the goofy faces the actress continued making.