Three New Boats and Jet Ski Slipways to Open in Al Mina, Abu Dhabi Gate and Al Hudayriat Island

According to the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) three boats and Jet Ski slipways projects are opened at Al Mina, Abu Dhabi Gate and Al Hudayriat Island. The construction of 40 boat slipways has been completed.

The purpose of these projects is to promote the safe boats and jet skis in Abu Dhabi. Boat owners are allowed to load and offload their boats and jet skis for free. However, the parking of boats and jet skis will have a subscription fee of Dhs15,000 per year. There is a car parking space for 10 to 16 cars at each slipway.

All the three slipways are ready for the community members and seafarers. The municipality and its partners have finished the pavement of loading and offloading of boats. The slipways include 40 slots for boats and a parking space for cars. The remaining construction work at Abu Dhabi Gate and Al Hudyriat Island is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.


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