Udrive has launched ‘Rent a Car per Minute’ in Sharjah

Udrive has launched 'Rent a Car per Minute' in Sharjah

Udrive has launched its new service rent a car per minute in Sharjah. The company has decided to provide 100 vehicles as part of its plan to provide smart and innovative transport service in the emirates.

To avail the car rental service, you need to download Udrive mobile app, get registered and book a trip. The service will be available for just 50fils per minute and drivers can pick up vehicles across the city. At the end of the trip customers will pay for the time they used the car, including fuel and public parking in Dubai and Sharjah.

According to Haseeb Khan, the CEO Udrive, the demand is very high for car-sharing services. The company currently has 600 trips per day in Dubai which means six different people are driving a particular car per day on an average. It has helped to reduce congestion and pollution enormously.

In 2017, Udrive was launched in Dubai and has more than 20,000 registered customers. The company has recently launched the service in Sharjah and now it further plans to expand it in Abu Dhabi.