Women can now Join Saudi Arabian Armed Forces

Women can now Join Saudi Arabian Armed Forces

Despite raging controversies across, Saudi military chief of staff, Gen. Fayyad Al-Ruwaili, launched the first military section for women in the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces on Sunday.

And the ministry’s account, on Sunday, in a tweet on Twitter, posted the opening photos, saying: “The opening of the first military women’s section in the armed forces.”

The director-general of admission and enlistment, Maj. Gen. Imad Al-Aidan, explained the regulations of acceptance and allocated locations where the female staff will be stationed.

Women can now join the military as lance corporals, corporals, sergeants, and staff sergeants in the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Air Force, Saudi Arabian Navy, Air Defense Forces, Strategic Missile Forces, and Armed Forces Medical Services.

The initiative is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Program which is aimed at empowering women in the country and using their talents and expertise in all fields to strengthen the economy and workforce in the country.

Many women showed their appreciation of the decision of the government to let women serve more and took to social media to show their appreciation.

Former Shoura Council member Haya Al-Muni’ I previously told Asharq Al-Awsat that these new laws support women’s rights and capabilities in the Kingdom’s military.

“Naturally, they will enter a new sphere of work. It’s a reflection of a national belief in the equality between women and men,” she said.