Fahad Mustafa, trolled after calling TikTok ‘bullshit’

Fahad Mustafa, trolled after calling TikTok ‘bullshit’

With social media content bursting at the moment, TikTok probably sits on the Iron Throne of independent content and that is not changing anytime soon.

But with great power comes great responsibility believes Pakistan’s very own Superstar and game show host, Fahad Mustafa, who called the social media platform out for being at the roots of many evils plaguing lives of the youth of the world.

This message came out in the wake of an unhappy incident that took place in Sialkot where a 16-year-old accidentally shot himself with a pistol while recording a video on TikTok.

But fans of Mustafa, as well as users of the app, have called complete withdrawal and ban of TikTok rather counterproductive on Fahad Mustafa’s part. Because TikTok has also had many positives in the last few years with many talented people coming to the surface who otherwise would have never been discovered and many young people highlighting important societal issues among the youth.

And thus began the trolling of Mustafa on Twitter for after calling Tik Tok ‘bullshit’

Mustafa’s game show that consists of games and dance competitions is not exactly a very good learning experience for the kids as many tweets say

Many of those on the app experiment in cosplay, dance, and other expressive arts. Users have expressed that TikTok is unduly highlighted because of its popularity.

But there are some who are all for Mustafa’s argument and support his narrative.

TikTok has exploded since its parent company, the Chinese media business ByteDance, acquired Musical.ly, a social media platform for sharing music videos, for $1 billion and merged it with TikTok. The app has since been downloaded by 1 billion people worldwide.