Khel Ja Dil Se | Cricket Song by Pepsi Raising Bars

Khel Ja Dil Se | Cricket Song by Pepsi Raising Bars

Pakistan Super League Season 5 has the Pakistani nation in grips of excitement and celebration. As the season started with a bang featuring an opening ceremony with dazzling performances and fireworks, a new beat has taken the nation by storm.

The anthem game is also stronger than ever this year, with PSL’s superstar packed anthem “Tayyar Hain” and every teams own anthem, and we are spoilt for choice to entertain ourselves this cricket season.

But Pepsi has taken home the cup with “Khel Ja Dil Se” featuring a multi-star lineup of Fawad Khan, Aima Baig, Wasim Akhtar and many more.

Apart from Fawad Khan, it features the very talented singer-actor Haroon Shahid and the younger lot of music such as Kashmir’s Bilal Ali and Bayaan’s Asfar Hussain. The single is written by Adnan Dhool and Xulfi, with the latter also producing the song.

The anthem has been blasting on social media with over millions of views across different platforms.

The song starts off with the crowd roaring in the cricket stadium and the frame cutting to the Hall of Champions where Imad Wasim and Shadab Khan reminiscent over the iconic pictures of the ’92 World Cup and remind us of the glory.

The camera continuously features neon triangles, amidst which powerful singing takes place. This is yet another collaboration between Xulfi and Fawad Khan, which has the fans mesmerized.

This song has received much better reviews than the PSL’s official anthem, Tayyar Ho which has also been subjected to controversy due to the controversy between Junoon singer, Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar.

Fans are addicted to the music number and raving on twitter: